Month: July 2012

NHL Owners vs. Players: no matter who wins, the fans will lose

Most NHL fans can agree that the summer of 2004 was the beginning of the most excruciating year-long period in the history of the league. Coming off an entertaining Tampa Bay Lightning cup victory, fans looked towards the future with slight optimism that the players and owners would reach a deal before the pre-season started. Optimism turned into pessimism as the months passed by and an entire season was wiped out. Unfortunately, history may repeat itself this year.

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Leveraging Social Media: LinkedIn

Although not as popular as Facebook and Twitter, LinekdIn has been gaining momentum recently as an emerging social network. Purely a B2B platform, it provides users with the ability to create online resumes and network with like-minded professionals. So what options are available on LinkedIn for businesses? (more…)

Leveraging Social Media: Twitter

Established in 2006, Twitter didn’t burst on the scene until 2007 when the amount of tweets and users skyrocketed – and current research indicates that it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. According to eMarketer, Twitter’s growth rate, while predicted to decline in upcoming years, will still be higher than Facebook’s. Now, one simply has to look at the number of registered users to know that Facebook’s growth would inevitably decline below Twitter’s, but this microblogging tool is making ease of access to news far simpler than ever before. This begs the question: how can businesses properly utilize Twitter as a part of their digital marketing mix? (more…)

How much time do you spend online everyday?

Taking a small break from the social media series, I just wanted to share this infographic from MBA Online on what a typical day on the Internet entails.

Two key points for businesses:

1. The reach of social platforms is enormous and continues to grow. Google Plus, a burgeoning social network that still finds itself behind the big three, has an estimated 20 million unique visitors every day. As the leader of the pack, Facebook tops this list with 172 million different people visiting every day! Despite social media still in the growing stages, these statistics illustrate our shift from traditional forms of communication to connecting via digital channels. This presents businesses with countless opportunities to increase brand equity by advertising, engaging followers, and distributing original content. (more…)

Leveraging Social Media: Facebook

Despite there being hundreds of social networking sites out on the web, Facebook has become the quintessential platform to connect with other users worldwide.  Latest research puts the amount of monthly active users on Facebook between 845-850 million, so it’s evident that it’s become the most popular social site among regular users and businesses. However, the main question still persists: how can brands properly leverage Facebook as a marketing tool? (more…)

Leveraging Social Media

The most popular question I come across when proposing a social media strategy to clients is: how will I be able to see the return on investment (ROI) from developing a social media campaign? More and more, social media marketing is becoming a necessity for brands to generate awareness, yet revenue generation is not as apparent as it is with SEO and PPC (unless you’re investing in an ad campaigns). Businesses invest in marketing with the hope to at least cover the costs and increase sales, but selling companies on the idea of dedicating resources and outsourcing campaigns is difficult when the ROI might be difficult to properly track. (more…)