Month: November 2012

Conference Realignment Chaos Part II: ACC, Big East, C-USA Join the Fun

Maryland and Rutgers moving to the Big 10 were the first dominoes to fall in what is becoming a media circus in the college football landscape. A quick overview of the changes can be found below:

Now that Lousiville has become the sixth program to leave the Big East for the ACC, its former conference will now re-name itself the “Minor League ACC” in hopes of future Orange Bowl bids.


Thanksgiving and Black Friday a Huge Hit for Online Retailers

Black Friday, typically a tumultuous day for retailers, provided a significant amount of sales for businesses with online stores this year. According to a recent report from comScore, total online Black Friday sales surpassed $1 Billion, representing a 26% increase over online sales from the consumer holiday a year ago. This comes as no surprise due to the prevalence of mobile technology making it easier for users to engage in one-click shopping online.

Despite avoiding long lines at stores, users complained of their hands cramping due to clicking the “Buy Now” button too much.

Notre Dame, Alabama, Georgia, and…Kent State? Unlikely Underdog Makes BCS Push

After the regular season came to an end this past weekend, many college football fans began making their predictions for the BCS bowl season. The BCS championship will most likely feature Notre Dame and the winner of the SEC championship match between Alabama and Georgia. Additionally, a Kansas State victory over Texas this upcoming weekend should cement a Fiesta Bowl big against Oregon, and the Rose Bowl will feature the winners of the Nebraska/Wisconsin and Stanford/UCLA games. However, the Sugar and Orange bowl games become more complicated because of one mid-major conference: the MAC.

The MAC? Surely this must be a late April Fools joke, no?


Slow Websites: A Headache for both Businesses and Consumers

With everything being available at the click of a button online, it’s normal for users to have a short attention span and avoid slow loading websites like the bubonic plague. However, even a couple of seconds of extra loading time can be detrimental to a company’s entire E-Commerce website performance. An infographic created by SmartBear compiles various statistics illustrating just much a slow website can impact online sales.

Is your website slow to load?


Rivalry Weekend: College Football’s Thanksgiving Gift

Despite living in the Great White North, I have grown fond of American college football over the years and have become a zealous follower. While this season has become quite disastrous for my favourite program, West Virginia, this weekend’s slate of games can even make the students of Idaho excited about the annual college football Thanksgiving weekend. Some of the key games include:


Conference Realignment Chaos: Maryland, Rutgers set to join Big Ten

After the Big 12 secured their latest TV deal and Notre Dame cemented their annual five game arrangement with the ACC, fans everywhere though that we could finally put the recent conference realignment to rest and just enjoy football every Saturday (and Gus Johnson calling games, of course). However, latest reports have Maryland heading to the Big Ten, with Rutgers poised to follow suit to give the aforementioned conference a total of 14 programs starting in 2014. What does this mean for the landscape of college football? More chaos.

Credit to Bleacher Report

For Big Ten fans, it means seeing more of these abhorrent jerseys every Saturday.


Finding the Right Performance Marketing Network

Advertising your product within the right performance marketing network is essential to increasing profits from online campaigns in the long run. However, there might be instances where your investments can dry up due to working with the wrong performance marketing networks. Below are some warning signs indicative of a network you shouldn’t trust.

If only marketing was as easy as hitting the “success” key.


3 Major Benefits of Performance Marketing

Is your business in a position where online sales are stagnating, or even worse, declining? Are traditional marketing strategies just not helping you reach that next level? It might be time to explore the world of performance marketing and bring your business to the next level. Performance marketing provides small and medium sized businesses with extensive opportunities to create more exposure for their brands and create multiple revenue streams.

And make enough money to buy coffee, of course.


“Dumb Ways to Die”: Using Social Media and an Upbeat Video to make a PSA go Viral

Poking a grizzly bear with a stick may seem like a fun activity for contestants on Fear Factor, but accoridng to the latest PSA from Melbourne Metro, it is one of many “dumb ways to die”. YouTube is literally flooded with millions of new videos each day, making it difficult for channel users to get views for their visual content. However, Melbourne Metro created a viral ad campaign that not only breaks through the clutter by being unique, but also provides an effective message in an upbeat (yet morbid) fashion.


Pinterest Launches its Suite of Business Tools for Companies

Despite generating a significant amount of traffic and becoming one of the key social media sites of 2012, Pinterest had not introduced business pages/tools until now. The online pin board giant recently rolled out its suite of business tools for companies this week, signalling the transition of Pinterest from a user-only social media site to a brand-user online community.

Credit to Pinterest at

Companies can now open new business profiles rather than regular accounts.