Month: July 2013

A Blog’s Pending Comments Section is a Goldmine of Unintentional Comedy

Even though recent algorithm updates from Google place an emphasis on creating original content and building up social interactions, linking still proves to be an integral component of an SEO professional’s arsenal. Unfortunately, many SEO companies and professionals engage in the practice of spamming blogs to build backlinks in a valiant effort to boost their site’s ranking by a couple of spots. For the typical blog administrator, filtering through hundreds of spam comments can prove to be exasperating, but every now and then, one will find a myriad of highly entertaining comments that have no relation to the posts itself. Below is a quick view into the world of sending comments to the spam folder.

I have enormous ideas and need to keep up wrinting


Leveraging YouTube, Pinterest & Instagram for your Personal Branding Strategy

Ever wonder how to promote your personal brand outside of the traditional social networks? Recruiters like to use three main social media sites for their recruiting: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, if you have more creative flair than the typical job seeker, those three networks might not be sufficient enough to display your artistic side. That’s where the multimedia social sites, such as YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram, become especially useful.

A couple of months ago, I held a workshop on utilizing the three aforementioned multimedia sites to creatively display one’s portfolio and network within very targeted niches. However, one cannot rely upon only these three sites: a comprehensive effort is required to fully brand yourself, especially if you’re looking to make an impact online. In addition to the main six social media sites mentioned in this post, there are other channels to leverage for increasing your online presence. Blogs prove to particularly useful, as do content-based social sites such as SlideShare. Content is king in this day and age, and to ensure that recruiters see your correct profiles and top-notch content, an optimization effort is required to reach the top of Google. If you have a common name, or some demeaning photos from that drunken party the other night floating online, a little SEO can go a long way to protecting your online reputation.

For those who wish to see my presentation, I have embedded it below for your convenience. A lot of the points made in this presentation are obvious, but sometimes even the simplest marketing methods can help introduce you to a multitude of opportunities.