Month: December 2013

Retargeted Twitter Ads and Other Social Media News You Need to Know

Twitter to Officially Launch Retargeting Ads


Retargeting, whether through traditional display ads or Facebook advertising, has become immensely popular among marketing professional in the online environment. It’s no surprise considering retargeting permits brands to increase awareness for products/services, and in most cases, allows them to push users towards finalizing purchases or submitting information via  lead generation form. Twitter has finally jumped on board and is set to launch its own retargeting capabilities for promoted tweets and *possibly* promoted accounts. To boost advertiser ROI, Twitter will also be able to help advertisers target users on mobile devices by tying the identity of a Twitter user to what actions they take on a computer. This provides tremendous opportunities for business to generate leads and sales, and once retargeting becomes available, either through third-party exchanges such as AdRoll, or through its self-serve platform, Twitter can expect its advertising revenue to significantly rise.