How much time do you spend online everyday?

Taking a small break from the social media series, I just wanted to share this infographic from MBA Online on what a typical day on the Internet entails.

Two key points for businesses:

1. The reach of social platforms is enormous and continues to grow. Google Plus, a burgeoning social network that still finds itself behind the big three, has an estimated 20 million unique visitors every day. As the leader of the pack, Facebook tops this list with 172 million different people visiting every day! Despite social media still in the growing stages, these statistics illustrate our shift from traditional forms of communication to connecting via digital channels. This presents businesses with countless opportunities to increase brand equity by advertising, engaging followers, and distributing original content.

2. 2 million blog posts are written each day, flooding the Internet with content of all kinds, such as the article you are reading from yours truly. Content marketing is becoming the most crucial foundation of any online campaign as per the Google Panda updates, and with that knowledge in mind, businesses need to ensure that the content they are distributing online is fresh and provides a unique spin. Derivative content will simply get lost among the masses. Businesses must remain cognizant of their target audience’s profile and create content around their interests.

Business talk aside, how much time do you spend on the Internet everyday? Feel free to comment and share what your typical day on the Internet involves.

A Day in the Internet

Created by: MBA Online

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