Four Ways to Make More Money from Performance Marketing

Choosing the right program can help you generate a significant return on your investment from performance marketing campaigns. However, you need to be wary of “get rich quick” schemes from questionable advertisers. If you’re new to performance marketing or an experienced publisher trying to find the secret to making money, all you need to do is follow these four steps below to guide you in the right direction.

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Be selective when choosing offers

Nurturing a few successful performance marketing programs is better than diversifying your resources and trying to manage too many campaigns. After finding a number of offers you would like to promote, do your due diligence and see what the consumer demand is for the advertised products. If the demand is high, you might have yourself a winner. On the other hand, a low consumer demand can mean a waste your time and monetary resources. Leveraging your experience in promoting products of which you’re an expert can also prove to be beneficial when choosing offers. .

Choose the right inbound marketing channels

Pay-per-click advertising still remains the best way to generate quick leads, but it also requires a significant investment, especially for competitive products and keywords. Display ad marketing and retargeting can also be helpful to trigger purchases from users you brought in and recoup the cost of driving in traffic. Other marketing channels such as email marketing and social media optimization can also help driving targeted traffic and pushing offers for quick conversions.

Monitoring and test campaigns

Investing in performance marketing will prove to be futile if you do not have the proper platform in place to track all campaign metrics. Split testing will allow you to test multiple variations of campaigns to see what is most effective. Examples of testing in performance marketing can include testing multiple banner ad placements creating numerous keyword ad groups for PPC advertising.

Find the right network

Choosing the right network can make all the difference in performance marketing. Aligning yourself with a network that has a sketchy reputation and blurs the channels of communication between advertisers and publishers can potentially hurt your ROI. On the other hand, a network that promotes transparency and shares pertinent information between all parties involved can have significant impact on your bottom line. Do your due diligence by reviewing both networks and advertisers before starting any campaign.

Image courtesy of renjith krishnan /

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