Pinterest Launches its Suite of Business Tools for Companies

Despite generating a significant amount of traffic and becoming one of the key social media sites of 2012, Pinterest had not introduced business pages/tools until now. The online pin board giant recently rolled out its suite of business tools for companies this week, signalling the transition of Pinterest from a user-only social media site to a brand-user online community.

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Companies can now open new business profiles rather than regular accounts.

Companies will now be able to create fully branded business profiles to aid in their social media marketing efforts. Company profiles will look similar to personal profiles in terms of design and functionality; however, some of the additional tools available for business accounts include:

  • Site verification: businesses will now be able to verify their websites by integrating a line of code into the backend HTML, which will in turn create a verification badge on their branded Pinterest profile. While not a significant addition, this will help companies to establish credibility and legitimacy in a cluttered environment.
  • Pin It and Follow buttons: during the process of creating company pages, users will be encouraged to integrate Pin It and customized Follow buttons into their respective websites. This makes it easier for brands to drive traffic to their Pinterest profiles and increase their social media audience organically.
  • Pin board widgets: these widgets can be installed on any site or blog, and will provide companies with the capabilities to highlight particular boards. These widgets will allow companies to display visually appealing images to promote interaction on websites and drive fans to follow both pin board and company pages.

Existing company profiles can easily be converted to the business accounts by simply going to and clicking ‘convert’. The process is simple and allows for a seamless transition to the updated business pages.

Following in the footsteps of social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter was necessary for Pinterest to expand its scope and take advantage of recent online marketing trends. With advertising professionals dedicating more resources to social media, it was only a matter of time before Pinterest launched its suite of business tools. Now that the higher ups at Pinterest have their foot wet, we can only wait and see how long it will take for Pinterest to bring its site to the next level and monetize the continuously increasing monthly traffic. Who knows, maybe this time next year we will be dissecting Pinterest’s addition of Promoted Pins and Pin Boards advertising solutions to its business products.

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