Finding the Right Performance Marketing Network

Advertising your product within the right performance marketing network is essential to increasing profits from online campaigns in the long run. However, there might be instances where your investments can dry up due to working with the wrong performance marketing networks. Below are some warning signs indicative of a network you shouldn’t trust.

If only marketing was as easy as hitting the “success” key.

Hidden Fees

Off the bat, you want to make sure that you are not susceptible to being charged with hidden fees that were not made apparent when you signed up. Some advertisers will be locked into 12 month contracts and forced to pay either hidden or extra fees that they don’t understand. In other cases, marketplaces may become too overwhelming by listing commissions, additional selling fees, fulfillment fees, etc. Save yourself the pain of having to calculate your monthly fees by yourself and choose a network that has a clear price structure.

Poor Customer Service

This is particularly essential if you are new to performance marketing as you will indubitably have numerous questions about how the entire process works. Unfortunately, some networks and marketplaces may be difficult to reach by phone and/or email, placing you in a difficult position between a rock and a hard place. Invest wisely by working with a network that embraces advertising relationships and will assist you and respond to any inquiries to ensure that your ventures into performance marketing are successful.

No Transparency between Merchants and Publishers

One major issue with some networks is the lack of transparency within the performance marketing channel. Instead of being matched up with reputable publishers, you may be stuck with affiliates who either bring in questionable traffic or use fraudulent means to bring you sales. The biggest issue with no transparency is not being able to see which marketing channels on the publishers’ side works best for your products. You need to align yourself with a network you can trust and one that will not blur the lines between merchants and publishers.

Importance of Choosing the Right Network

Venturing into online marketing can be a challenging endeavor for new advertisers, especially for small businesses that are not particularly internet-savvy. Choosing a network that embraces advertising relationships, provides excellent customer services, is upfront and clear about all fees, and creates transparency between advertisers and publishers is a network you can trust to  help you make money and promote your products.

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