A Blog’s Pending Comments Section is a Goldmine of Unintentional Comedy

Even though recent algorithm updates from Google place an emphasis on creating original content and building up social interactions, linking still proves to be an integral component of an SEO professional’s arsenal. Unfortunately, many SEO companies and professionals engage in the practice of spamming blogs to build backlinks in a valiant effort to boost their site’s ranking by a couple of spots. For the typical blog administrator, filtering through hundreds of spam comments can prove to be exasperating, but every now and then, one will find a myriad of highly entertaining comments that have no relation to the posts itself. Below is a quick view into the world of sending comments to the spam folder.

I have enormous ideas and need to keep up wrinting

Yes, you read that correctly: wrinting. Not only am I able to produce enormous ideas about blogging on a consistent basis, but I’m a highly skilled and profound ‘wrinter’ that is able effectively write about the intricacies of blogging. Once I read this, I was in such a hurry to network with “Vera”, continue to inspire this devoted reader, and share more of my enormous ideas, but alas, the comment linked back to a 404 error and a feeling disappointment. Oh Vera.

You mean this isn’t a blog about hotels??

For those who follow my blog (which isn’t a lot judging by my site’s analytics), you’ll know that I focus on two main categories: online marketing and sports, with a heavy focus on the former topic. Despite that fact, one particular reader provided me with the following insightful comment on my post about the negative impact of slow websites:

“Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Ixtapa Hotels. Regards”

Despite never mentioning the words “Ixtapa” nor “Hotels” in my post, this certain poster thought it was worthwhile to extend his/her gratitude about my thoughts on such an entertaining topic. Of course, this is most likely automated in an effort to gain SEO points and traffic, but I choose to believe that this particular reader was so excited about resorts and hotel bookings that he/she couldn’t help but see the words “Ixtapa Hotels” throughout my post.

Apparently I’m also an amazing webmaster

While I may be a proficient online marketing professional with a background in a diverse range of topics, I would hardly call myself anything close to a webmaster. In fact, I’m typically the project manager between clients and webmasters/developers. However, “Charlez Penzone Salon” thought it would be a grand ol’ idea to compliment me on my apparent webmaster skills:

“you are actually a just right webmaster. The site loading speed is amazing.

It sort of feels that you are doing any distinctive trick.
In addition, The contents are masterwork. you have performed a magnificent job in this topic!”

Don’t thank me – thank the folks at WordPress.com, Mr. Salon.

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