iOS 7 Finally Arrives and Gives Apple a Fresh Look

Apple enthusiasts everywhere have been anticipating this day for a long time. The Apple mobile UI just had its first major redesign since the launching of the iPhone, providing users with a new look and some nifty new features. Some of the new surprises include:

  • A revamped home screen and new icon designs.
  • The addition of Flickr and Vimeo as built-in services to join Facebook and Twitter.
  • An updated camera, which includes filters and an Instagram “square-mode” lens support.
  • Improved social sharing, which includes AirDrop (ability to share instantly with people in a certain radius).
  • A plethora of other aesthetic updates to native apps such as the App Store, Notes, Safari, Maps, etc.
  • A More simplified lock screen and introduction of dynamic wallpapers.
  • The addition of a control panel that allows users to easily manage WiFi, Bluetooth connections, music, and several native apps (calculator, camera, flashlight, and clock).

*Screenshots of the above features can be seen below. 

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Social Media News of the Week – September 14

Social Media News

LinkedIn Lowers Minimum Age

In an effort to increase its user base and appeal to a wider audience, LinkedIn has recently rolled out a new update that has lowered the minimum age to join the network to 14 years old in the United State and as low as 13 years old in other countries. Primarily a professional B2B social network, this move will give students an opportunity to start thinking about their future career paths and network with professionals. There will be limits on a teenager’s profile, blocking the profiles from search engines and hiding elements such as date of birth, title, and profile photo. Despite the change in minimum age, marketing professionals should not be worried that LinkedIn will become another Facebook; rather, executives have stated that LinkedIn will not change, but rather just provide younger professionals with opportunities that have not been available previously.

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Tweeting Can Help You Land Your Next Job

Well, not Tweeting specifically, but social media in general is becoming more important for job seekers looking to impress potential employers and creating exposure for their personal brands. According to a recent survey prepared by Jobvite, more people get hired via online referrals and company career pages than from traditional job boards. Social media sites provide job seekers with rich opportunities to reach out to employers and create virtual resumes, detailing their skills and relevant work experience/education.

Companies plan on investing more in social media sites for candidate recruiting

Social Media Recruiting

According to the results of the survey, a grand total of 73% of respondents projected an increase in social networking investing, illustrating the power of sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Social networking led the pack among the sources listed, with referrals, corporate career sites, and direct sourcing falling behind social networking respectively. Surprisingly, 37% of respondents stated that they would increase their respective spend in search engine optimization, only two percent less than job boards. This shift towards a comprehensive online marketing solution for candidate recruiting speaks to the power of the Internet and the ability for hiring professionals to find more selected, targeted candidates online than through traditional sources.

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