Social Media News of the Week – September 14

Social Media News

LinkedIn Lowers Minimum Age

In an effort to increase its user base and appeal to a wider audience, LinkedIn has recently rolled out a new update that has lowered the minimum age to join the network to 14 years old in the United State and as low as 13 years old in other countries. Primarily a professional B2B social network, this move will give students an opportunity to start thinking about their future career paths and network with professionals. There will be limits on a teenager’s profile, blocking the profiles from search engines and hiding elements such as date of birth, title, and profile photo. Despite the change in minimum age, marketing professionals should not be worried that LinkedIn will become another Facebook; rather, executives have stated that LinkedIn will not change, but rather just provide younger professionals with opportunities that have not been available previously.

Twitter Announces IPO 

Twitter has become the latest technology giant to announce its IPO, using its own platform to announce the big plans. Following in the footsteps of other social media leaders, Facebook and LinkedIn, it’s not surprising that Twitter has decided to go public. With 240+ million monthly active users, the social micro-blogging platform has a dedicated base of users with plenty of potential to monetize in the future. However, Twitter has been efficient at introducing promoted products in a non-obtrusive manner, working well in keeping the user experience as seamless as possible.

Facebook Tests Autoplay Features

Facebook began testing a brand new feature for its mobile platform on Thursday, enabling videos to automatically play as users browse their news feeds. Unlike the videos posted to Instagram, videos posted to Facebook will be silent, and sound will only be enabled upon clicking. At the moment, the new feature has only been rolled out to a small amount of random users, and the videos only play if they were uploaded via Facebook and similar apps (sorry Google – YouTube videos won’t autoplay). The potential for advertisers is immense, giving brands new opportunities to spread their message and convey the core benefits of their products and services easily within the news feed.

Other News Around the Wire:

  • Google+ Rolls Out Embedded Posts. Link
  • Pinterest Hires New Employees In Europe. Link
  • Twitter Introduces New Features for Verified Users. Link
  • Instagram Hits 150 Million Active Users. Link
  • Path develops “Inner Circle” and “Private Sharing” features for users. Link

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