iOS 7 Finally Arrives and Gives Apple a Fresh Look

Apple enthusiasts everywhere have been anticipating this day for a long time. The Apple mobile UI just had its first major redesign since the launching of the iPhone, providing users with a new look and some nifty new features. Some of the new surprises include:

  • A revamped home screen and new icon designs.
  • The addition of Flickr and Vimeo as built-in services to join Facebook and Twitter.
  • An updated camera, which includes filters and an Instagram “square-mode” lens support.
  • Improved social sharing, which includes AirDrop (ability to share instantly with people in a certain radius).
  • A plethora of other aesthetic updates to native apps such as the App Store, Notes, Safari, Maps, etc.
  • A More simplified lock screen and introduction of dynamic wallpapers.
  • The addition of a control panel that allows users to easily manage WiFi, Bluetooth connections, music, and several native apps (calculator, camera, flashlight, and clock).

*Screenshots of the above features can be seen below. 

In addition to the aforementioned updates, many companies have introduced iOS 7 compatible updates for their apps with redesigned icons, and the list keeps getting bigger and bigger. As of this moment, the following comprises some of the major apps that have been updated:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Evernote
  • Gmail
  • Chrome
  • Alien Blue
  • Foursquare
  • Pandora
  • Quora
  • Aviary
  • Yahoo! Weather
  • eBay
  • WordPress
  • Shazam

In some cases, the updates have been minor (such as Gmail and Chrome making simple aesthetic updates), and other apps have undergone full-scale changes, such as Facebook. The latter application has seen it’s navigation menu traditionally on the left move to the bottom and made navigation far more seamless. The movement towards a flatter design will push more developers to release updates to be compatible with iOS 7, providing end users with a richer and more consistent mobile experience.

Final Judgment:

This Apple user is quite pleased with the latest iOS update. Despite being a PC user, I have been a dedicated Apple enthusiast for its mobile platform, owning both an iPhone 5 and iPad 2. Despite that, I had been considering a shift towards adopting an Android phone, but the latest iOS update exhibits that Apple is finally ready to make changes and adapt to the latest trends. Sure, the old UI was fantastic and a staple of the Apple brand, but it was quickly becoming outdated and stagnant. iOS 7 provides a fresh mobile experience, something it could not say with the last major iOS update.

Now the focus shifts onto the iPhone 5S release coming up….which should be very interesting.


photo (6)
Settings Application
photo (4)
Home Screen
photo (5)
Lock Screen
photo (2)
photo (3)
Music Application
photo (1)
New Control Panel

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