Retargeted Twitter Ads and Other Social Media News You Need to Know

Twitter to Officially Launch Retargeting Ads


Retargeting, whether through traditional display ads or Facebook advertising, has become immensely popular among marketing professional in the online environment. It’s no surprise considering retargeting permits brands to increase awareness for products/services, and in most cases, allows them to push users towards finalizing purchases or submitting information via  lead generation form. Twitter has finally jumped on board and is set to launch its own retargeting capabilities for promoted tweets and *possibly* promoted accounts. To boost advertiser ROI, Twitter will also be able to help advertisers target users on mobile devices by tying the identity of a Twitter user to what actions they take on a computer. This provides tremendous opportunities for business to generate leads and sales, and once retargeting becomes available, either through third-party exchanges such as AdRoll, or through its self-serve platform, Twitter can expect its advertising revenue to significantly rise.

Pinterest Proves Powerful on Cyber Monday

Up until recently, Pinterest had been perceived as a site merely for pinning images of products that users would like to purchase in the future, and not one for driving immediate revenues. However, recent research exploring Pinterest’s effectiveness in driving referral traffic is displaying an intriguing trend for marketing professionals: Pinterest can help brands boost revenues. In fact, over the holiday weekend, the social media site was able to double online revenues sent to retailers on Black Friday, and more than triple revenues for retailers on Cyber Monday compared to the previous 30 day period. Although overall clicks and pins remained stagnant, the value of clicks to a site proved to be far more valuable for retailers, and online stores that had optimized their sites for Pinterest were able to reap the benefits of creating pin-friendly environments. For e-commerce businesses, it’s important to incorporate a burgeoning social media site such as Pinterest in overall marketing activities.

Facebook Improves News Discovery Capabilities 

Continuously evolving, Facebook is now beginning to focus on improving the user experience of its news feed. More specifically, the “king” of social media has revamped news feeds to incorporate more links to related articles, and prominently display posts that contain pertinent news. On the flip-side, it will work on decreasing the visibility for “shallow meme posts” to ensure that users get their daily dose of news. This latest update forces Facebook Pages admins and community managers to invest in producing more relevant and interesting content in favour of meme posts. Facebook aims to compete with news aggregating apps and provide a similar experience to users who rely on social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn to read the news.

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