Latest Social Media News: First Week of February 2014

Below is a collection of the latest news in the social media marketing world:

Pinterest Introduces Recipe Search

Pinterest Launches Recipe Search
Pinterest Launches Recipe Search

Pinterest is a hot spot for a number of different types of images, ranging from fashion and luxurious goods to infographics and memes. However, just like its multimedia photo-sharing competitor, Instagram, there’s one category of images that always get shared/pinned on Pinterest: Food. Users love to share their favourite recipes on the social media website, and understanding consumer demand & behaviour, Pinterest improved its internal search functionality so that users can search for individual foods and ingredients within the site. By allowing users to only filter search results to return recipes, Pinterest is capitalizing on the “cookbook” style of the site for particular users. Pinners can even filter by type of recipes, making it truly a digital cookbook for the new generation of web users.

Pinterest’s official announcement: Pinterest’s Official Blog 

Twitter launches Analytics for Cards

In an effort to give advertisers a better gauge of Twitter Cards performance, Twitter has begun to roll out an analytics reporting tool for the platforms’ engaging ad product. Twitter Cards are popular among brands and marketing professionals alike because they make Tweets more engaging and interactive, leading to opportunities for advertisers to boost ROI and build significant brand awareness. The reporting provided will give advertisers pertinent insights on how to improve performance, such as making small, subtle changes by using a different type of Twitter card, engaging more with dedicated followers, or adding/manipulating the location of a Tweet button.

Twitter’s official announcement can be seen here: Twitter’s Blog

Facebook Responds to Princeton’s Latest Study

Princeton recently made headlines as it published a study that related Facebook to an “infectious disease” and predicted that a significant portion of existing Facebook users will entirely abandon the site by 2018. In a highly entertaining turnaround, Facebook prepared its own study, predicting that Princeton would have no undergraduates by 2021. Obviously done in jest, Facebook data scientist, Mike Develin, found a correlation in the decline of published journal articles from Princeton and a similar fall in results for the school in Google Trends. While many professionals continue to debate about Facebook’s longevity and ability to remain a social media giant, there’s no doubt that the popular website is here to stay.

Learn more about Facebook’s entertaining comeback here: Mashable 


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