Flappy Bird: We Hardly Knew Ye [INFOGRAPHIC]

Flappy Bird

Yours truly will admit it: I was addicted to Flappy Bird. Despite being a rather simplistic, unsophisticated game, I was convinced that I could beat my high score after playing just one last time….repeatedly.

The phenomenon took the Internet by storm this past month, and as soon as every major news source began covering the infamous app, Flappy Bird developer, Dong Nguyen, pulled it from both the App Store and Google Play. The crazy rise and fall of the game has lead to StartApp creating a detailed infographic analyzing the entire timeline of the game, and in some cases, providing rather inconceivable statistics. One such statistic lies in the monetization of the mobile game. Flappy Bird’s popularity led to the game generating over $50,000 per day in mobile advertising revenue, giving the aforementioned Nguyen a virtual cash cow.

Now that the Flappy Bird magical ride has come to an end, and with a myriad of “Flappy Bird inspired” games plaguing app stores everywhere, where will mobile gaming go from here? Will Flappy Bird’s rise and fall spawn a new generation of quick-to-launch games, or was this just a temporary fad?

Time will tell.

Flappy Bird Rise and Fall

Infographic courtesy of StartApp

One thought on “Flappy Bird: We Hardly Knew Ye [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. ioanna aggelidaki says:

    The flappy bird phenomenon was really an unexpected and remarkable (?) one. I wished I was in Dong’s head (for a moment) just to see what he was thinking when saying “I can’t take this anymore”. Everyone thought that was merely a marketing move, but no, he actually took the app down!
    Come to think of it, seems like that may have been the best thing to do as, even if the hit game is no longer available, more than 50 million people who downloaded it are still generating revenue, and Dong Nguyen is still getting paid.

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