Dunkin’ Tweets: The #NBAAllStar Game Creates a Social Media Buzz

Social Media Basketball

This past weekend, the NBA All-Star game (or #NBAAllStar game in the Twitterverse) hosted in New Orleans generated a significant amount of social media activity on Twitter, with viewers around the world creating over 2.5 million Tweets throughout the telecast. Twitter dug deep into the statistics to analyze which moments and players dominated Twitter feeds, identifying three particular events that created a significant buzz:

  • LeBron James and Blake Griffin’s back-to-back dunks generated 46,487 tweets per minute.
  • Black Grffin’s seventh dunk of the game generated 42,512 tweets per minute.
  • The final peak moment came at the conclusion of the game, where the East’s eight point victory generated 35,700 tweets per minute.

Basketball fans were also eager to join in on social media conversations relating to their favourite players, which included Kyrie Irving, the game’s MVP. Rounding out the top three in each conference were LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, and Chris Paul.

Sentiment seemed to be mixed among the core audience, with numerous fans exhibiting their displeasure with the All-Star game format itself or the performance (or in some cases, disappearance) of some players. However, no one can deny that All-Star games, particularly in the NFL, NHL, and NBA, are geared towards providing families entertainment on an otherwise regular Sunday. Unfortunately, it seems that these leagues still have not been able to add relevancy to their respective “big star” games like the MLB has, where winning the All-Star game actually has implications on which team hosts the world series. The NHL and NBA weekend festivities do have one redeeming aspect, however, with the skills competitions generating a lot of interest. Despite hardcore fans remaining rather ambivalent, Sunday’s game was a success for the league as it attempts to cement New Orleans as a stable market.

For those who caught the game, which moment was your favourite?

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