Social Media and Beer

Bottoms Up: Social Media Explained with Beer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Inspired by both the bacon and hockey infographics I’ve posted previously on this blog, I decided to create my own handy infographic explaining social media with beer. I’m not artistic (at all), so feel free to critique any design elements below, but this is a comprehensive guide that also includes the content publishing platform, Tumblr, and the video-based social application, Vine.  Looking at this graphic, one can tell that the social media environment is getting pretty crowded, and this doesn’t even include other popular sites/applications such as Flickr, Snapchat, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and SoundCloud. However, for those of you that are still not quite sure how some of these sites/apps work or want to impart some knowledge onto peers/family members, this will help you identify the main purpose of the major social media platforms.

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