The Power of Social Media Marketing for SMBs [INFOGRAPHIC]

For SMBs, investing a health amount of monetary resources and human capital in extensive online marketing activities can be quite an endeavor, especially is budgets are restrained. However, as social media marketing becomes more sophisticated, marketing professional are becoming more creative and leveraging the power of social sites to connect with consumers, increase brand awareness, and generate conversions. An infographic prepared by MDG Advertising explored social media data from last year to provide some pretty interesting insights into the effectiveness of sites such as Facebook and Twitter in an overall marketing plan.

The most pertinent statistics related to the efficacy of social media platforms is the ability to drive relevant and targeted traffic to websites via social. In 2013, social referral traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube increased by 42% compared to 2012, illustrating the power of visual elements in online marketing. Additionally, revenue from those visitors jumped a staggering 63%, allowing marketing professionals to reap the rewards of a growing digital marketing channel. There have also been numerous studies published over the past year and a half that have pointed to Pinterest in particular helping ecomemrce store owners develop a significant amount of buzz for products, which can eventually lead to a positively impact on sales. 

As the online environment becomes more cluttered with competitors and advertisements, it’s important for online retailers to understand how investing resources into building active social communities can benefit their businesses in the long run. By engaging users with relevant content on social platforms, brands can build new brand loyals, and in some cases, brand advocates that will promote the company in a positive light in their respective social networks.

How is your business geared to utilize social media in the upcoming year?

Power of Social Media for SMBs

Source of Infographic; MDG Advertsiing
eateured Image via Thinkstock

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