Best Time to Post on Social Media Networks [INFOGRAPHIC]

Best Time to Post on Social Media Networks [INFOGRAPHIC]

Figuring out when to post your content on social media sites can be a difficult process, especially when you have little data regarding the best time for engagement rates. An infographic prepared by MediaBistro investigates the optimal times for engagement rates on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and blogs.

Although these are suggested times based on data and research, figuring out the best time to post during the day/week is completely dependent on your target audience’s behaviour. What may work for one segment may not work for another, which is why it’s best to actively monitor engagement on your social content to identify which blocks of time provide the best response. Analytical tools and basic reporting such as Facebook Insights and Twitter Analyitcs can also help you determine when you audience is active and online. Another point to consider is where your audience is located: for example, if a large contingent of your audience is located on the west coast, posting at 8 am EST may not be the best choice as the majority of your audience is most likely still in bed.

Will you adapt your social calendars based on the infographic below, or does your audience respond best at different times?

Best Time to Post on Social Media Networks [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic source: MediaBistro
Featured Image source: Thinkstock

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