Men or Women: Who Dominates the Social Media Environment? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The answer is women.

At least according to an infographic prepared by, which displays data collected by reputable sources such as Pew Research Center and Burst Media. Women tend to be the power users behind the most popular social media sites, as they have been found to interact with brands and share photos/news more often than men. Within the United States, women use five of the top six social media sites more than their counterparts, with LinkedIn being the only one skewed towards males. The percentage of online adults using these sites in the United States are:

  • Facebook: 76% of women, 66% of men.
  • Tumblr: 54% of women, 46% of men.
  • Pinterest: 33% of women, 8% of men.
  • Instagram: 20% of women, 15% of men.
  • Twitter: 18% of women, 17% of men.
  • LinkedIn: 19$ of women, 24% of men.

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The 2014 NHL Fan Engagement Rankings [INFOGRAPHIC]

The 2014 NHL Fan Engagement Rankings [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hockey is awesome. I just wanted to start this post off with that exclamation because I am currently watching highlights of the Bruins downing the Panthers 4-1 from earlier tonight.

There is no doubt that hockey is immensely popular in Canada, and while not on par with the baseball or football in the United States, the sport does have a strong foothold in major metropolitan areas. The most recent Winter Olympics, as exhibited in a previous post, illustrated the popularity of the sport when it was discovered that hockey dominated social media chatter on both Facebook and Twitter. That said, when it comes to the NHL, there always seems to be a competition between cities on which franchise has the best fans.

A recent infographic prepared by Ticket City ranked all 30 franchises according to the following criteria to determine the most engaged fan bases:

  • Facebook Fans
  • Twitter Followers
  • Home Attendance
  • Average Ticket Price

Off the bat, one issue in terms of “fan engagement” is the metric of home attendance. While an important aspect of determining how engaged a fan base is with a franchise, it appears as if the only data analyzed is the total number of fans that have attended games, and not a percentage of the seats purchased. This hurts franchises such as Boston and Winnipeg in the rankings, as they are cities that actively sell out (100% capacity) but only have 17,565 and 15,004 seats in their arenas respectively.

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Rockin' Social Media Campaigns from "Non-Sexy" Brands [INFOGRAPHIC]

Rockin’ Social Media Campaigns from “Non-Sexy” Brands [INFOGRAPHIC]

Let’s face it: when it comes to social media marketing, advertising  the latest gadget or trend in clothing permits you to be very creative and can generate quite a positive buzz (as long as the marketing strategy is effective). However, for some of the “not so sexy” products and services, effectively utilizing social media marketing as a way to generate brand awareness, community involvement, and performance can be a little bit trickier. If your business does decide to adopt social media as one of the channels to develop awareness, it’s important to get creative and find out which platforms and types of campaigns can work best to achieve your objectives. 

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