Men or Women: Who Dominates the Social Media Environment? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The answer is women.

At least according to an infographic prepared by, which displays data collected by reputable sources such as Pew Research Center and Burst Media. Women tend to be the power users behind the most popular social media sites, as they have been found to interact with brands and share photos/news more often than men. Within the United States, women use five of the top six social media sites more than their counterparts, with LinkedIn being the only one skewed towards males. The percentage of online adults using these sites in the United States are:

  • Facebook: 76% of women, 66% of men.
  • Tumblr: 54% of women, 46% of men.
  • Pinterest: 33% of women, 8% of men.
  • Instagram: 20% of women, 15% of men.
  • Twitter: 18% of women, 17% of men.
  • LinkedIn: 19$ of women, 24% of men.

With regards to actively using social media sites, however, there isn’t that much of a disparity between the two genders. 30% of active online active adult women in the United States access social media sites several times per day, whereas 26% of online active adult males do the same.

Mobile technology has made it relatively simple for users to engage on social media sites numerous times per day, especially when users can divulge personal details or share photos with a tap of the screen (author’s note: I almost wrote “click of a button”, but then realized that touch screens will slowly make that expression outdated). In terms of accessing social media with mobile technology, it’s no wonder why women lead the pack: 32% of women use a tablet to access social media sites, whereas only 20% of men do the same. The gap for smartphones is much smaller (46% vs. 43% for women and men respectively), but this is an important factor to keep in mind when creating marketing plans tailored to particular  demographic segments.

The infographic has been embedded below – do these results surprise you, or are they on the mark with your own experiences?

Men or Women: Who Dominates the Social Media Environment?

Infographic Source:

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