Rockin’ Social Media Campaigns from “Non-Sexy” Brands [INFOGRAPHIC]

Rockin' Social Media Campaigns from "Non-Sexy" Brands [INFOGRAPHIC]

Let’s face it: when it comes to social media marketing, advertising  the latest gadget or trend in clothing permits you to be very creative and can generate quite a positive buzz (as long as the marketing strategy is effective). However, for some of the “not so sexy” products and services, effectively utilizing social media marketing as a way to generate brand awareness, community involvement, and performance can be a little bit trickier. If your business does decide to adopt social media as one of the channels to develop awareness, it’s important to get creative and find out which platforms and types of campaigns can work best to achieve your objectives. 

An infographic prepared by Who Is Hosting This highlights several brands that used humour, engaging content, videos, and unique campaigns to generate a buzz on social media communities. The examples include:

  • Bodyform, a feminine product brand, used a combination of video marketing and humour to get users engaged.
  • Hello Flo, yet another brand for feminine products, leveraged YouTube for its marketing efforts.
  • Allstate has used and continues to use the reputable fictional character aptly named “Mayhem”, an unfortunate fellow that gets into sticky situations.
  • Tampax launched “The Awesomely Active Girl Challenge” to keep women active during a specified time frame.
  • Dockers launched a B2B and B2C social media campaign called “Wear the Pants” asking users to put a personal or business dream into action.
  • Staples and Sharpie have used platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to become more social connected to customers.

Do these interesting campaigns inspire your business or personal brand to take social media to the next level?

Rockin' Social Media Campaigns from "Non-Sexy" Brands [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic courtesy of Who Is Hosting This

One thought on “Rockin’ Social Media Campaigns from “Non-Sexy” Brands [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Lyne says:

    I have always believed in good customer service. Have a great product, good solid customer service and you will have a devoted customer who in turn will promote your product or service via social media. It doesn’t hurt if you do have a advertising campaign that grabs your attention!

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