Leveraging Instagram Photos for Your Brand [INFOGRAPHIC]

As more businesses begin to incorporate Instagram into to their social media activities, marketing professionals are beginning to discover which types of photos work best to increase engagement and/or sales. An infographic prepared by Olapic exhibits some pretty interesting insights behind the effectiveness of Instagram marketing. The salient points can be found below.

  • Featuring customer photos within the overall ecommerce experience has proven to have tremendous value. The average statistics indicate that conversion rates can increase by 5-7% and that the average order value can increase by 2%.
  • When it comes to colours used within photos, brands should focus on green when optimizing for engagement and yellow or blue when optimizing for sales.
  • For both engagement and sales, brands should stick away from filter mechanisms and rely on taking great photos. If your brand can invest in high-quality photos, there’s no reason to apply filters.
  • A more active account is necessary to increase engagement, but brands shouldn’t spam their followers’ feeds with endless photos to increase a user’s likelihood to purchase.

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