Facebook Launches New Layout For Pages

Facebook Launches New Layout For Pages

Never afraid to redesign aspects of its website, Facebook has announced that it will be providing a more streamlined look for Pages this week, rolling out the new look shortly after they introduced a cleaned up version of the News Feed last week. Some of the changes will include:

  • Decreasing the focus on page apps (or removal entirely?): as we can see on the image provided by Facebook below, the traditional spot for Facebook Apps has been hidden…in fact, it looks like they’ll be part of the “More” drop-down based on preliminary designs. While the debate rages about the importance of Facebook apps, it’s clear that the social media giant is ready to bury them within the new design.
  • Two column system: the right-side of the page will now feature content published by the page, whereas the left-side will be reserved for page-related information such as business descriptions, maps, photos, and videos.
  • Admins will now have easier access to Page tools via the introduction of a new navigation bar at the top of the page as well direct access to advertising via the Build Audience button.
  • Pages to Watch will have its own section within Facebook Insights, giving page owners more opportunities to analyze the competition’s recent activity and become more proactive.

Despite consistently rolling out design updates, this can only mean good news for Facebook as it continues to eliminate redundancies within the platform and focus on the core aspects that increase both the user experience and overall engagement levels. It will be interesting to see where Facebook goes from here and if the company decides to make any alterations to either personal timelines or to the mobile application.

Facebook Launches New Layout For Pages

Featured Image Source: Thinkstock
Facebook Image Source: Facebook

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