Twitter Knows When You’re Hungover

Twitter Knows When You're Hungover

If there is any social media company that loves analyzing user data to come up with interesting insights, it’s Twitter. In an entertaining blog post today, the popular micro-blogging social media site published data that represents when users are more likely to post that they are feeling sad, happy, or in some cases, extremely hungover. Additionally, Twitter provided data relating to users Tweeting that they were going to be late for work, and as the data illustrates below, it seems to be a common problem during the peak summer months from June to August, with a high concentration of Tweets being seen Mondays through Wednesdays in the month of July.

Do the trends from this past year illustrated in the graphs below represent your regular Tweeting habits? Or do you typically feel hungover on a Thursday afternoon in the month of May? Either way, it will be interesting to see the data next year within the month of February due to the Olympics…I foresee that month being a very dark shade of blue for Canadian Twitter users when it comes to feeling hungover (gold medal hockey game reference). Monday and Tuesday within the month of March will most likely be a dark shade of blue as well as people around the world will be going green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this coming weekend.

Twitter: when do you feel sad?
Source: Twitter
Twitter: when do you feel happy?
Source: Twitter
Twitter: when will you be late for work?
Source: Twitter
Twitter: when are you hungover?
Source: Twitter

Featured Image Source: 2long4twitter

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