2014 State of Digital Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

The annual State of Digital Marketing report prepared by Webmarketing123 was released not too long ago, providing insights into the latest trends for both B2B and B2C digital marketing. The interactive company surveyed over 500 marketing professionals to understand the main challenges businesses face, the top objectives for online marketing campaigns, and the overall attitudes towards emerging advertising channels.

In terms of listing the top objectives, the results are rather predictable but still quite interesting. B2B businesses focus a significant amount of resources on developing leads, whereas B2C businesses focus on driving sales from end users. This makes sense as most B2C business that advertise online have an ecommerce website, which can help them reach new geographic markets. While B2B businesses do want to generate sales from any marketing initiative, a large amount of resources go into developing leads and pipelines within the online environment.

In terms of establishing a positive ROI, most marketing professionals still find it difficult to attribute revenues to specific campaigns. When it came to stating whether it was clear or not to determine ROI from the five main online marketing channels, the breakdown was as follows:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 17% clear, 83% unclear
  • Search Engine Marketing (SMM): 29% clear, 71% unclear
  • Display Advertising: 16% clear, 84% unclear
  • Social Media Marketing: 12% clear, 88% clear
  • Email Marketing: 36% clear, 64% clear

Evidently, the surveyed audience feels that email provides the biggest opportunity to directly attribute lead and sales generation to certain marketing efforts. However, these numbers should only improve in the coming years as reporting and conversion tracking platforms continue to improve.

Do any of the results below surprise you, or do these results accurately represent your experience with digital marketing?

2014 State of Digital Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic Source: Webmarketing123
Featured Image Source: Thinkstock

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