How Burglars are Becoming Savvy Social Media Users [INFOGRAPHIC]

There’s no doubt social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have made it easier to connect with people across the globe, but they have also made it simple to collect a gamut of personal information about anyone. If you don’t implement stringent privacy controls to hide your social media content, it’s likely that users viewing your profiles will be able to learn about your family, your workplace, your favourite places to eat….and certain facts that may appeal to burglars such as:

  • Items you own: television sets, laptops, mobile devices, etc.
  • Where you live, which can be scary considering applications such as Google Maps make it easy to find the best driving and/or public transit routes.
  • How long you will likely be away from your home.

Of course, not everyone is using social media to steal from users, but Distinctive Doors, a supplier of interior and exterior doors in the United Kingdom, came up with a helpful infographic to inform users of potential threats and how to effective curb them. A lot of the tips are basic and easy to implement, such as not sharing location information on social media applications such as Foursquare automatically and not sharing your physical address. Additionally, one helpful tip relates to vacations, which is not announcing that you’re going away and to only post photos after coming back once your home is secure.

I thought this would be an interesting infographic to share as the majority of the content on this blog deals with businesses and marketing, but there is also a lot of helpful information to share regarding maintaining personal profiles. Now that I’ve most likely scared you from posting online, will you be changing how you use social media, or do you think some of the stats in the infographic are blown out of proportion?

How Burglars are Becoming Savvy Social Media Users [INFOGRAPHIC]


Infographic Source: Distinctive Doors
Featured Image Source: Thinkstock

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