17 Social Media Facts you won’t Believe [INFOGRAPHIC]

17 Social Media Facts you won't Believe [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media has become quite ubiquitous due to the prevalence of mobile technology such smartphones and tablets. Despite that fact, there are still some surprising statistics relating to the usage of social media that may seem hard to believe at first, but seem logical after realizing the impact sites such as Facebook and Twitter have made on our society.

Probably the most telling statistic is the fact that 73% of people would panic if they lose their smartphone. As someone who has in fact lost a smartphone, I have to believe that this number is rather low. Our society has become rather dependent on the Internet and technology in general that something as simple as losing a smartphone, or even being without one for a couple of hours is seen as a catastrophic event.

Another fact that seems crazy at first is that 23% of users check their Facebook accounts 5 times a day. While this may seem excessive, I once again must concede that it seems rather normal based on my personal experience. Although I do work within the world of social media, I do spend quite a bit of time checking into my accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Lastly, one fact that does seem very hard to believe is the fact that the +1 button is hit at least 5 billion times per day. While Google+ does have 300+ million users, activity within the social media platform still pales in comparison to major competitors. However, the +1 button is quickly becoming a staple of many websites, particularly on blogs and content-driven websites.

Of all the facts exhibited below, which one do you think is the craziest?

17 Social Media Facts you won't Believe

Featured Image Source: Thinkstock
Infographic Source: Neoteric UK

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