10 Important Social Media Lessons for Improved Customer Service Management [INFOGRAPHIC]

Customer service is an essential aspect of any business, particularly ones that operate within the online environment. Unfortunately, some businesses are behind the times when it comes to implementing basic social media rules to better manage customer service inquiries and complaints. There are countless examples of customer service social media “fails”, such as:

  • British Airlines’ CS was blasted on Twitter with a promoted Tweet, being seen by over 76,800 users….and it took the company 8 hours to respond, a slow turnaround time for a business that prides itself on being active 24/7.
  • Tesco made a poorly timed joke based on horse meat due to a scheduled Tweet. 
  • Bank of America provided robotic responses to a wide array of comments and Tweets from users. 
  • Epicurious tried to sell users on eating a bowl of cereal by using the Boston Marathon Bombing as a point of reference (really??)

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