Infographic Inception: the Rise of Visual Content in Online Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you are a regular subscriber of this blog, you will notice that I tend to share interesting infographics related to online marketing and provide my own perspective on the salient statistics/lessons extracted each graphic. There is a strategic reason for this: infographics provide a lot of benefits for both businesses and bloggers alike when it comes to generating interest, engagement, and traffic. An infographic below prepared by M2 Communications illustrates this perfectly, drawing out 8 reasons why businesses need to invest into designing and publishing infographics on a regular basis.

Some key point are:

  • Infographics are very easy for readers to understand, especially when 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. This is a significant reason why social media content that is based around imagery is far more effective on sites such as Facebook and Twitter compared to text-only statuses. Unfortunately, some brands still think the micro-blog effect on Facebook doesn’t bore their fans to sleep.
  • If you can generate some momentum, your infographics can go viral. Yours truly recently experienced this phenomenon when my graphic on explaining social media with beer was picked up by a couple of blogs, resulting in a significant spike in this blog’s traffic and mentions of my Twitter handle/blog name across the web.  In this case I created something very simple, but by deciding to hop on the trend of explaining social media in an infographic (previous examples around the web include doughnuts, coffee, and cats), I was able to generate an interest with my own unique variation. It also helped that the surge in traffic occurred on St. Patrick’s Day!
  • Publishing your own infographics can help your personal or company brand achieve the objective of becoming an expert within your field. For example, many infographics provide a gamut of statistics and facts that can only be backed up by either primary or secondary research. If your key objective is to become an influencer within a vertical or network, investing time into research can pay off in the long run to establish your credibility for chosen topics.

Do the statistics presented in the infographic below inspire you to start creating your own on a regular basis?

Infographic Inception: the Rise of Visual Social Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

Featured Image Source: Thinkstock
Infographic Source: M2 Communications

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