Noticing a Refreshing Issues on Your Twitter App? You're not Alone

Noticing a Refreshing Issue on Your Twitter App? You’re Not Alone

Twitter users began noticing a benign but highly annoying issue within the mobile application earlier today regarding the refreshing feature. Instead of bringing users to the top of the news feed, the application would only move up the news feed small blocks at a time rather than scrolling straight to the most recent Tweets. While not a significant issue, it can be troublesome for Twitter users that are following a lot of people and need to sift through their news feed to get to the most recent Tweets.

Yours truly noticed the issues earlier this morning and it took myself about 10 refreshes to finally get to the latest Tweets, and I don’t follow that many active users (I’m not a big fan of the “follow for follow” activity that results in following 10,000+ accounts). Luckily, the issue is only prevalent on mobile applications, and according to Mashable, a Twitter representative did confirm that the social media company is aware of the issue and is currently working to correct the refreshing issue.

Have you experienced difficulty getting to the top of your Twitter feed today on either your smartphone or tablet?

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