Key Online Marketing Insights from Analyzing 1 Billion Company Mentions [INFOGRAPHIC]

Businesses that invest in social media and content marketing are likely to analyze the feedback generated in various channels to determine the attitudes consumers have towards their respective brands online. Mention, a company that provides real-time social media and web monitoring, analyzed over 1 Billion company mentions from nearly 200,000 alerts over the past two years to come up with some pretty intriguing insights:

  • More often than not, a company mention will be neutral rather than positive or negative. This is what’s called “The Pac-Man Effect”, where just over 75% of the average brand’s company mentions will be neutral, with the remaining ~25% falling between positive and negative. This a result of users seeking assistance, asking questions, or looking for advice, which for the most part tends to be neutral.
  • The five major languages spoke were: English (64.39%), French (16.20%), Spanish (11.27%), German (2.84%), and Portuguese (1.25%). While English is the predominant language, it’s important to note that ~36% of mentions were not English, representing a sizable market of users that speak a different language.
  • 66.67% of mentions came from Twitter, but Facebook, Instagram, blogs, forums, and general microsites also provide channels for marketers to leverage.
  • While activity doesn’t fluctuate that much during the week, the peak days for mentions were between Tuesday and Thursday, with the weekends providing fewer mentions than the daily average. However, this can represent an opportunity for your brand to establish a presence on days the competition doesn’t giving you your audience’s full and undivided attention.

Are any of the results shown in the infographic below surprising?

Key Online Marketing Insights from Analyzing 1 Billion Company Mentions [INFOGRAPHIC]


Infographic Source: Mention

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