The Rise of Inbound Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Rise of Inbound Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Marketing has quickly evolved over the past decade due to the rapid expansion of the Internet and web technologies in general. Quite a while ago, the traditional promotional mix was composed of advertising, PR, direct response marketing, sales promotion, personal selling, and according to some definitions, sponsorship. As of today, online marketing has cemented its position within the promotional mix either as its own component or an alternative platform to traditional marketing (outside of the web). Due to online marketing becoming a far more effective vehicle for brands to generate awareness and revenue, inbound marketing in particular has become far more efficacious than traditional outbound marketing to accomplish certain objectives.

An infographic prepared by Voltier Digital from a couple of years ago highlights some of the key differences between inbound marketing and outbound marketing, illustrating why the former is on the rise and the latter is beginning to suffer in terms of performance. The insights include:

  • Inbound marketing is far more interactive than outbound marketing and permits communication to go both ways.
  • Customers end up making their way to a website via inbound marketing, which can be a result of search engine optimization, social media, and content marketing. Outbound marketing is largely in the form of paid advertising or direct response marketing, which can be seen as invasive or obtrusive at times.
  • Advertisements in the online environment focused on the “buy now” mentality are also seen as invasive, whereas inbound marketing provides value and engages users.

Based on this highlights and the information provided in the infographic below, do you agree that inbound marketing has become more important? Or should a company invest in both types of marketing?

The Rise of Inbound Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Featured Image Source: Thinkstock
Infographic Source: Mashable

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