Social Media Statistics from MLB’s 2014 Opening Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

Although yours truly hails from Montreal, a city that saw the Expos relocate to Washington 10 years ago, I still actively follow Major League Baseball every year. In fact, I recently attended the Blue Jays and Mets series of exhibition games at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal last month, rejuvenating a baseball fever that had cooled down considerably over the past couple of years. However, unlike the last time the Expos were here, I was carrying a smartphone full of social media applications, broadcasting my thoughts and sharing photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare. There’s no doubt that social media platforms and sports go together; in fact, a recent infographic published by Statographics showed how popular baseball was on social networks on March 31. Some of the stats include:

  • 412,372 total Tweets with the hashtag #OpeningDay, representing a 21% increase over opening day last year.
  • @RedSox, @SFGiants, and @Pirates were the top mentioned accounts on Twitter.
  • The most Tweeted about players by position were: Buster Posey (C), Albert Pujols (1B), Neil Walker (2B), Jimmy Rollins (SS), Pedro Alvarez (3B), Ryan Braun (RF), Mike Trout (CF), Bryce Harper (LF), and Stephen Strausburg (SP).
  • From all 30 club pages and the MLB official page, there were a total of 1.4 Million likes, 535,276 photos, and 198,635 shares.
  • The top MLB Instagram photo was the #OpeningDay photo asking users to double-tap which colors fans would be wearing.

Brands have also began using Snapchat and Tumblr for social media marketing, reaching their respective target audiences on the various platforms baseball fans use. In an earlier post, I discussed the NHL Social Media Leaderboard, pointing out that Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were the top three platforms for that professional league. It’s no surprise to see the same trend arise here as those three social media platforms represent the best opportunities to actively reach and engage fans during baseball games.

Are you excited for the new baseball season?

Social Media Statistics from MLB's 2014 Opening Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

Featured Image Source: USA Today
Infographic Source:


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