The ABCs of Personal Branding [INFOGRAPHIC]

The ABCs of Personal Branding [INFOGRAPHIC]

Digital media allows web users to share information, network with colleagues, and collaborate on projects online. However, any action taken online can either be indexed by Google or cemented on the web forever. In the case that negative information or content becomes viral, that can prove to be disastrous for managing your brand’s reputation online.

Luckily there are measures you can take to control the branded content web users can view on the Internet. Being proactive and protecting your brand’s reputation can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Cement yourself as an influencer and/or expert within your vertical.
  • Create new business opportunities for revenue generation.
  • Open channels for networking with fellow colleagues and potential customers in your networks.
  • Dominate search engines for you brand name and related search terms.
  • Increase overall brand awareness and recognition.

An inforgraphic prepared by Placester and Feldman Creative shows a handy guide on how to effectively manage and control your personal brand’s reputation online. The main points range from platforms to leverage to the type of media and content to use. However, it all boils down to how passionate you are and the strategy behind your overall marketing plan. If you have no strategy in place, then you can end up with inconsistent messages across different platforms. Additionally, it’s imperative to be authentic; otherwise, you can lose the trust and respect of your targeted audience, resulting in wasted marketing efforts.

Do you have a personal branding strategy in place? If so, which platforms do you use to increase overall brand exposure?

The ABCs of Personal Branding [INFOGRAPHIC]Infographic Source: Placester


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