4 Steps to Generate Brand Ambassadors for Your Business

4 Steps to Generating Brand Ambassadors for Your Business

Influencer marketing is becoming a more effective digital tactic for brands to generate exposure among targeted niche audiences. A perfectly executed outreach campaign can provide a myriad of benefits for businesses, such as increased brand awareness, positive brand mentions, and potentially lucrative relationships with new advertising partners. Unfortunately for small and medium sized businesses, reaching out to social media influencers and content publishers can be an arduous endeavor. More often than not, though, bloggers will quickly discard advertising-based emails from unknown senders, especially when the content is geared for impersonal mass mailing. However, there is no need to fret: breaking through the barriers of communication is possible, especially when you personalize your pitches and tailor them to the individual bloggers you contact. Below are some important tips to keep in mind when managing your outreach campaigns.

1. Research the Influencer

Before you write a long-winded email, get to know the publisher you’re about to contact. The more research you do during the initial stages of the influencer outreach process, the more ammunition you will have to create a successful pitch. You do not need to spend countless hours researching blogs, but spend about 10-20 minutes reading some of the content on the site, looking at any connected social media channels, and learn more about the blog’s audience. You might find out that the amazing blog you found yesterday turns out to have an inactive audience and a dearth of legible content.

2. Make Your Pitch Personal

A sure-fire method of landing in the recipient’s trash box is by starting any email with “Dear Blogger”, “Hello Webmaster”, or “To whom it may concern”. Those impersonal salutations will not win over prime influencers and instantly turn them off from reading the rest of your message. Rather than taking the overly polite approach, make an effort to see if you can find a name associated with the blog and use that in your outreach email. Additionally, it’s always important to reference content the blogger has previously written within your overall message. Simply stating “I like your blog, it has great content” is robotic and does not convey any sincerity. Ditch the mass email tactics and employ a more personal approach. Reference interesting and engaging content posted to the blog, and leverage those points to explain why you think there can be synergy between yourself and the influencer.

3. Provide Value to the Publisher

For small bloggers that do not engage in a lot of advertising and/or outreach programs, incentivizing them with a post about your brand may not be a hard sell. However, for the more experienced content publishers that actively engage in selling ad space and creating sponsored content, there needs to be some sort of value offered to the blogger in exchange for access to his/her audience. A monetary incentive via a sponsored post is enticing, but some influencers can be won over with additional advertising programs, such as performance marketing campaigns and/or promotion of their blog once in a while. In cases

4. Keep Your Pitches Succinct

Pitches need to be powerful and sell the potential business partners to work with you, but they also need to be short enough so that you don’t lose interest. Nothing is worse than reading an essay on why your brand is so great, so avoid the self-promotion and focus on developing the most effective elevator pitch. Managing outreach campaigns can also be a numbers game, so while it helps to research the blogger and write a personalized message, spending hours on one particular content publisher is an inefficient use of your time.

There are numerous resources on the web on how to create the best pitch for outreach programs, but there is no way to predict how certain bloggers and social media influencers will react. You may have the best pitch ever created, but some content publishers just do not want to work with businesses. However, the aforementioned tips will make you more likely to strike gold with bloggers and reap the rewards of strategic influencer marketing.

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